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Welcome to Magical Soulful Retreat

Welcome to Magical Soulful Retreat, I'm glad you are here.

Magical Soulful Retreat was founded in 2019 with the intention of reconnecting souls like you with your divine guides by teaching you how to utilize the profound connection to the moon through ancient teachings and to utilize Magical Soulful Retreat  in your everyday life for manifesting goals by working with your energy and intentions to obtain desired outcomes. Working with the natural healing properties of crystals and gemstones, Magical Soulful Reatreat  is not only a store, but a conscious lifestyle of utilizing natural remedies whenever possible, working with what the Goddess gave us to heal our own bodies whenever possible, and adorning our homes with beautiful energy and love that will radiate to all of your loved ones, and improve your life.


 It is my mission to cultivate love, prosperity, health & wellness for your mind, body and soul, and to make it possible for you to use our tools and offerings to empower yourself to continue living the life that you have always wanted and your divine path. 


Ally astrology, chakra balancing, hypnotherapy, meditation, tarot cards, and CANDLES, Candle Melts, incenses oils, chakra oils, and SO MUCH MORE… 

Ally hand pours and creates each of her 100% soy candles and wax melts.   Each candle can have individual intentions, crystals, and reiki added as needed for your specific situations. 

  • Attract love                            

  • Attract Money

  • Fix yourself / Healing

  • Love yourself

  • Negative Release

  • Passion / Come to Me – Lovers Fix

  • Protection Spells

  • Road Opener

  • White Light Magic


Be sure to check out the body sprays, jewelry, bath bombs, and stick incenses to round out your spiritual healing.  


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"I attend all her lives, and her card readings are always on point!  Love you girl!"  --Florencia B

"Ally is my lifesaver.  When my world was spiraling out of control and I was in a mental abyss, she was and still is always right there for me.  Reiki, intention candles, readings, and most importantly a listening ear and loving heart and soul.  She is part healer, part therapist, and 100% truly amazing..." -Jenny G

"Ally ally ally. What can i say shes truly a fairy godmother. There are people who have spent so much and no results and lost hope but when i tell you dont give up and contact ally I mean it. I use to cry myself to sleep. Was in deep depression but she helped me find self-love. She let me speak all my hurt and turned it into positivity. She freed me from that dark cloud I HAD over me . This woman saved my family and most importantly saved me. I can't thank her enough. I love her like she was my own mother! She never gives up and guides you through everything day or night !!! If you doubt or just constantly think miracles don't exist you haven't met ally !!! I recommend her to my friends and they always call me back and tell me omg she is the best!! Look no further she's the truth !! Honest loyal and best of all truly gifted !!!! She's my go-to my spiritual advisor my one and only! Don't give up hope. look no further if she saved me and turned all my dreams into reality she can for you too. I thank god every day for allowing her to cross my path !!! I'm a new woman and I LOVE MYSELF EACH AND EVERYDAY. NO MORE DEPRESSION FOR I AM SAVED MIRACLES COME TRUE. JUST WAIT FOR IT. WITH HER HELP ALL IS POSSIBLE. NO SCAMS AND WORTH EVERY PENNY GOD BLESS YOU ALLY. ONE HELL OF A WOMEN TRULY GIFTED IF YOU ASK ME"  --Janetaa A


She is truly amazing very straight foward & the sweetest! Everything she told me was on spot ! I highly recommend her ! Thanks so much Aly!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Ally has been so amazing to me and my situation. Since the 1st reading i got from her I felt she picked up on my energy to the T. I recently started working with her as far as candles. Love, Chakra, & Come to Me Candles & I feel it coming!!!!!  I feel so positive about her manifestations for me, she’s a beautiful soul that can change anyones mood because she does to me all the time. I am blessed to have her in my life.    

I love your readings so much,! Things have been going so good lately it kinda scares me  your candle is sure doing its job. I’ve been on a roll winning money from online bingo lmao and things are going good between Jamie and I. Thank you so much love, it means so much. 

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